Beyoncé's decision to have Lemonade stream exclusively on Jay-Z's music service was genius from their family's marketing and financial perspective, but torture for the TIDAL-less laypeople among us. However, our days of pausing your playlists to head to YouTube or iTunes to play bootleg "Freedom" and "Sorry" files are over. As of today, right after we got Homecoming, a live album album and the promise of two new Netflix projects, Lemonade is finally streaming in full on all DSPs.

Because it's Bey and because Lemonade reshaped culture as we know it, although the album has been out for literally three years (on the dot, it was released April 23, 2016), it's an Event.

But because Beyoncé is a generous and benevolent god, there actually is something new. The new streaming editions of the album include loopy dream-pop "Original Demo" version of "Hold Up." We get to hear Bey's vocals up close, backed by aquatic synths and slow, trembling percussion. The originally spitting "Sometimes I regret the day I put this ring on..." is now gentle spoken-word litany. The alt-pop sound makes sense: Ezra Koenig and Father John Misty have writing credits on the song, after all.

Enjoy spending the day rebuilding all your playlists.

Photo via HBO

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