Most of us will probably only ever experience the Met Gala through its red carpet coverage, and that's okay. Clicking through photos of famous people wearing bizarre and beautiful and sometimes even deliberately unflattering couture is never not fun, and this year everyone really brought it.

?Except... for actual Met Gala attendees, the red carpet is just the first stop on a wild ride of socializing and celebrating and attempting to catch Anna Wintour’s eye from across the room as though to say, “February cover?” When the journalists have disappeared and the doors have closed, the real fun begins. Then, when those formalities are over, the real real fun begins. Hello, exclusive all-night after parties!

2019's official post-Met Gala event at Up&Down was hosted by Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams and sponsored by Gravity Technologies. The food? After months of gown fittings, definitely McDonald's. The lighting? Sufficiently dark and mysterious, so that nothing too gossip-worthy showed up on Snapchat. The photographer? None other than Polaroid legend Maripol, who captured Jenners and Hadids dancing with French Fries in hand.

All the grainy debauchery, below.?

Photography courtesy of Maripol and Gravity Technologies

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